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Poor communication and inconsistent service from your freight provider are a few of the factors that contribute to stress and wasted time. At Port Side Logistics we understand how to eliminate those factors so that you receive consistent excellent service. This is what you can expect when partnering with us:

✔ You’ll have one direct point of contact available round-the-clock
✔ You’ll receive clear and consistent communication
✔ You’ll receive proactive solutions
✔ You’ll have less issues to deal with, as we only work with reputable carriers

Ready for more time and peace of mind? Reach out to us at office@portsidelogistics.net 

Logistical Capabilities




Reliable. Efficient. Secure.

By developing a robust network of vetted carriers, we are enabled to optimize supply chains and overcome logistical challenges with ease.

  • Expedited Notification Of Available Loads
  • 24/7 Support From Our Carrier Agent Team
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Serving All Equipment Types


“To meet the needs of our clients with complete and efficient transportation solutions”


“To connect the world through better logistics”


Dedication, Alignment, Discipline, Transparency, Accountability, & Results!

Why Us?


We continuously analyze the market to negotiate the most cost-effective solution. Upfront pricing with Quick Quote services.


Above and beyond professionalism, to ensure that every aspect of the freight process is handled with utmost care.


Expect our undivided attention to your specific logistics needs. In everything we do, YOU always come first!

Port Side Logistics is a veteran-owned and managed in the heart of downtown Savannah, Georgia. With a wealth of collective expertise, we have honed our operations to deliver exceptional services to our clients.


I deeply appreciated Daniel's help with four complex loads across the Canadian border. Despite obstacles, he quickly resolved issues, even arranging a replacement truck within 30 minutes when one broke down. His timely communication ensured peace of mind as he diligently oversaw the delivery of these challenging loads.

Randy (small business owner)

It has been a pleasure to see the Port Side Team grow over the last 3 months. They have developed a strong culture within the workplace and actively engage in ongoing training for their agents!

Connor H., NJ

I feel like I have been importing and shipping for 23 years and finally found a "partner" instead of a vender. Partner I mean someone who cares about my business and timelines and not about just getting paid for a delivery. For so many years bringing 40' containers in from Europe the trucking aspect of it was daunting to say the least. Always issues in delivery and timelines that can through every bit of planning out the window you could say. With Port Side I have not had that issue and when there is an issue with traffic, port congestion and so forth there was great communication alerting me to such without me finding out the hard ward or no way. My time is valuable and Port Side gets it one could say. I refer them to everyone that needs this service. They are the best I have found and pray they are around as long as I am in business !

Cary M. (small business owner)

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